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Why Rent From Results Realty?

As a prospective tenant, you want to know what kind of service you can expect when you lease from a Property Company. We pride ourselves on our tenant service, and consistently strive to make things easier for you. We want to make this experience so homey for you that you tell all of your friends and family.

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Before contacting Results Realty with your repair request, please have a look at the repair tips below to avoid an unnecessary call out. Please note, you must accept the calls of our vendors, employees, etc…or there will be a delay in any repairs. If a vendor shows up for an appointment and you are not available, you will be charged for the call out. If a contractor attends to a problem at your home and it is found that it was a fault of your own, you will be charged for the call out.


Our after hour’s emergency number is 702-685-9999. Prior to calling this number, please refer to the tenants repair trouble shooting guide below. Please do not send an e-mail if it is an emergency. If there is a fire, please call 911.

Remember if it is not an urgent matter it can wait to be reported on the next business day to the office.

Submit a Maintenance Request


  • Check the fuse box and ensure the breaker is switched ON.
  • Replace batteries in thermostat.
  • If home is not cooling, have you recently moved in? It can take a couple of days in the heat to cool the home and/or all of the furnishings especially when the door keeps opening to move in items.


  • These must be reported IMMEDIATELY or you will be held responsible for any damage.
  • If the toilet is leaking, turn the water off at the back of the toilet.
  • If a main is leaking, turn the water off at the street and contact us.

If you come home and the alarm is either flashing or beeping this may mean there was a power surge to the property.

  • Recode your alarm code in and wait 20 seconds and then uncode the alarm code. This should stop the flashing and beeping.

If the beeping is still going then the battery needs replacing, contact your alarm company.

When smoke alarms start beeping it is sometimes not smoke or fire, but it can be as simple as just needing the battery changed. Check for smoke first and then replace the battery.


  • Have you recently moved in? It can take a couple of days to cool properly if power was off to the residence.


  • Check for power.
  • Check that the plug at the wall is completely inserted and switched on.
  • Is the safety switch on the wall turned on?
  • Is the door closed properly?
  • Check the safety overload switch at the fuse board.
  • Use dishwasher cleaner for hard water when dishes are not getting cleaned completely.


  • Try using some drain cleaner to try and free the blockage.
  • Also try pouring boiling water down the sink.
  • You may need to clean the u bend? Put a bucket under the pipe, unscrew the pipe under the sink (where possible) remove waste and re-screw the pipe back together.


  • Reset any GFI’s- ground-fault circuit interrupter (The GFI can manually be reset by pushing the reset button, which is the little red OR white button in the middle of the outlet. There is also a test button that can be used to verify that the GFI works).
  • Check all GFI’s in the home as well as in the garage to reset a GFI. It may not be near the power out area.
  • Have you contacted your electricity supplier? There may be a fault in the street.
  • Check with your neighbor if they have any power.
  • Check your fuse box. There may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs re-setting.
  • Check that one of your appliances is not faulty, by unplugging all your appliances in the house and plugging them back in one at a time. This tip also can be used if your power is tripping, lights or power points in your house.


  • Is it gas or electricity?
  • Have you arranged for the connection of your gas or electricity?
  • If it is a gas hot water system is the gas turned on to flow through the gas hot water system?
  • Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out? Some gas hot water systems can be easily relit others may require a tradesperson.
  • If it is electricity, then please ensure that the hot water cylinder is switched ON at the power point and that the plug is plugged in.
  • Check the fuse box and ensure the hot water fuse is switched ON.
  • Check that the tap that allows the water to flow into the hot water cylinder is turned on - be sure that the tap is turned anticlockwise for ON.
  • Check the cut-out switch in the meter box.
  • Check that the switch inside the cupboard, where the hot water cylinder is; is ON.


  • Contact your water department to verify any known issues and billing has been paid.
  • Check the water flowing into the house from the road. The tap is to be turned anti clockwise to make sure it is fully open. This tap is usually in a blue lidded box found at the front of the property.
  • Check the isolating tap that is often positioned under a metal plate in the wall of the garage. This does not relate to all properties.


  • Check your fuse box. If there has been an overload, the safety switch may need re-setting.
  • Reset the GFI for that area of the home. It may be located on the garage or a different room.
  • Does a light bulb need replacing?

When replacing a screw-in light bulb, DO NOT screw the bulb too tightly into the light fitting as it forces the spring back up into the socket and loses contact with the bulb. You will need to pull the screw back down but please make sure you always turn the power off at the main switchboard before attempting to repair anything electrical.

All of these are connected via a number of switches that is placed on the wall in close proximity in the kitchen area. The reason these switches are there, is in case of an emergency, so that they can be turned off quickly. Usually they are either on the wall within sight or in the pantry approximately waist height.


  • Check to see if the safety switch on the wall is turned on and also check the fuse. If your stove has an element that can be removed, compared to the glass top elements, then if this element is not working check the connectors to make sure that they are not loose or dirty. Sometimes pulling the elements out and cleaning them and putting them back in again may fix the problem.


  • Check to see if it turned on at the safety switch at the wall.
  • Check if the switch under the kitchen sink is on and is the plug completely pushed in.
  • The re-set on the safety switch (overload button) may need to be re-set. This is normally a little red, green or black button underneath the bottom of the garbage disposal unit.
  • If the unit is jammed, place this allen key in and try turning the disposal unit in reverse.


If the garage door is not opening by remote or button on the wall this may mean the property has had a power surge. You will need to enter garage:

  • go to the fuse box and turn all fuses to the Off position.
  • push the TEST buttons (usually 2 or 3 test buttons to push) and reset them.
  • switch all the fuses back to the ON position.
  • try the button on the wall or the remote this should get the door to open..
  • The remote may need new batteries - if this doesn't work then the remote may need replacing.

If the door is still not open you will need to: use the pulley above the light and convert the garage from automatic to manual and push the door up whilst in manual position.

Submit a Maintenance Request